Sheepadoodle Puppies

The Sheepadoodle is an Old English Sheepdog breed to a Poodle. We have F1b and F2 litters at Double R Doodles. The F1b is taking a Sheepadoodle to the Poodle and a F2 is Sheepadoodle to Sheepadoodle. The Sheepadoodle is very kind, loves to please and makes a great fun family pet and service or therapy dog. The coat is low to non-shedding and is very soft to the touch. If you are looking for a loving dog that will be 50-65 pounds, then the Sheepadoodle is for you.. Devon is our male Sheepadoodle, he will Breed London (Sheepadoodle), or any of our Poodle females.