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Double R GG a.k.a God’s Gift!!

Available, Available
Date Available:NOW!! NOW!!
Price:$600 OBO

Double R God’s Gift…aka GiGi, is a standard blue merle F2 Aussiedoodle female.  GiGi is home grown, both of her parents were born and raised right here.  GiGi has it all, correct size, excellent confirmation, nice white trim, and a prize winning personality.  She stands 20 inches, weighs 45 pounds. I will groom her before […]

PLEASE EMAIL TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE AVAILABLE. We rarely have adult dogs available but be sure to ask us and see! You never know! Once our dogs are ready to retire we typically donate them to Pawsabilities Unleashed in  Frankfort, KY (unless they find a forever family home first!).  Liz Norris, a master dog trainer, works with them to help transition them from Kennel life to life within a family.  You may contact Liz through her web site:  www.pawsabilitiesunleashed.org   Thanks for stopping in,

Kris Robards, owner