German Shepaussiedoodle Puppies

They are exactly what they sound like…German shepherd, Australian shepherd, and Poodle all combined to make the “Einstein” of all dogs. Kris the founder of Double R Doodles, created the Germanshepaussiedoodle breed after she received guidance from the Lord to provide a dog that can “do it all” for people….Their superior level of intelligence is far beyond any other breed and they come in every color available! The Gr. SD is the best breed for a service dog out of all the doodles that Double R Doodles raises, however they still are just as suitable as a family pet. The ability to comprehend tasks and obtain proper skills from training is heightened through the Gr. SD since three of the most intelligent canines are bred into one elite animal. The Gr. SD is quick to learn, structurally sound, still hypoallergenic with little to no shedding. Talk about getting all the good stuff in one package.

Puppy Transportation

Plan ahead for picking up your puppy. Quotes for shipping via airline nanny are available .We are closed on Sundays. If you want to fly in or have someone fly in to get your puppy, our “local” airports are Marion IL Veteran’s Airport, Paducah, KY Barkley Regional Airport or EVV-Evansville Regional Airport. You will need a soft sided airline approved carrier & the health certificate/ puppy vaccination record will be handed to you with your puppy along with a small bag of food. ***IF YOU WANT YOUR PUPPY TRANSPORTED TO EITHER AIRPORT A SEPERATE FEE of $200 IS REQUIRED…SO THAT OPTION IS AVAILABLE ONLY IF OUR SCHEDULES ALLOW… IF YOU RATHER NOT RENT A CAR & DRIVE HERE*** You are always welcome to pick your puppy up at Double R Doodles in Southern Illinois there is NO fee for picking up your puppy! We can make most day/time work. BUT no Sunday pick-up’s!!

These puppies will be a blessing to your life just like they have blessed us!


German Aussiedoodle Breeder Puppies for Sale						german Shepaussiedoodle Puppy

This video is a glimpse of the extraordinary grandparents that I have. We are continuing their legacy with all of the wonderful puppies we bless our Double R customers with. Granny & Papaw have their toy aussiedoodle Flirt and germanshepaussiedoodle Splash with them in this video. Both were bred & born here at Double R Doodles.