Shepadoodle Puppies

The Shepadoodle is a AWESOME Doodle, especially if you are a German Shepherd lover but hate the shedding! They are a cross between a German Shepherd Dog and Standard Poodle. They retain the  intelligence of both the parent breeds, they loose the suspicion and “guardiness” of the GSD, they are easy to train, they make  wonderful family pets.   They also excel as Service and Therapy Dogs.  Size will vary from 50+ pounds with some reaching 80-100 pounds.  They come in all the traditional GSD and Poodle colors!  All Shepadoodle puppies are priced @ $1800 no matter the color or gender!

Puppy Transportation

Plan ahead for picking up your puppy. Quotes for shipping via airline nanny are available.We are closed on Sundays. If you want to fly in or have someone fly in to get your puppy, our “local” airports are Marion IL Veteran’s Airport, Paducah, KY Barkley Regional Airport or EVV-Evansville Regional Airport. You will need a soft sided airline approved carrier & the health certificate/ puppy vaccination record will be handed to you with your puppy along with a small bag of food. ***IF YOU WANT YOUR PUPPY TRANSPORTED TO EITHER AIRPORT A SEPERATE FEE of $200 IS REQUIRED…SO THAT OPTION IS AVAILABLE ONLY IF OUR SCHEDULES ALLOW… IF YOU RATHER NOT RENT A CAR & DRIVE HERE*** You are always welcome to pick your puppy up at Double R Doodles in Southern Illinois there is NO fee for picking up your puppy! We can make most day/time work. BUT no Sunday pick-up’s!!

Examples of our typical colors/coat, and color patterns in our Shepadoodles PHOTO CREDIT Aimee Hall.

shepadoodle puppy colors