German Shepaussiedoodle Dogs

The German Shepaussiedoodle came to be one day when Kris was doing some thinking and praying. The kennel goal is to raise the best family, service/therapy dog possible. So the idea came to mind of taking the two smartest doodles (the Aussiedoodle and the Shepadoodle) and breed them together. Now we have a signature line elite to our kennel and what we feel is the Einstein of the doodles. Size can be 40+ pounds and color will vary. We hope you will enjoy our specialty line as much as we have.

Double R Rowan

Not For Sale
Male German Shepaussiedoodle Dog

Double R Rowan is a blue merle German Shepaussiedoodle male.  Rowan stands 20.5 inches, weighing 40 pounds.  Rowan is 50% Standard Poodle; 25% Australian Shepherd; and 25% German Shepherd.  Rowan is super friendly, he’s a “lover boy”, he enjoys playing with his buds, going for a run with the golf cart, he’s a beautiful male. […]