German Shepaussiedoodle Females

The German Shepaussiedoodle came to be one day when Kris was doing some thinking and praying. The kennel goal is to raise the best family, service/therapy dog possible. So the idea came to mind of taking the two smartest doodles (the Aussiedoodle and the Shepadoodle) and breed them together. Now we have a signature line, elite to our kennel, and what we feel are the Einsteins of the doodles. Size can be 40+ pounds and color will vary. We hope you will enjoy our specialty line as much as we have in creating and producing them.

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Double R DeeDee

Breeder, Not For Sale

DeeDee is a black and white Parti (it means she has spots) German Shepaussidoodle.  She has the best temperament and is super sweet!! She stands 24 inches @ her shoulder, she weighs 50 pounds.  She is an AWESOME blend of Australian Shepherd Dog, GSD, and Standard Poodle, she does NOT  shed!  DeeDee has a wonderful […]