Available Aussiedoodle Puppies


Hello everyone! We are updating you all since we have recently experienced some sort of virus in a few litters on the property. The puppies affected are of various ages and vaccination statuses. We do not know for certain what is going on at this time but are putting in countless tiring hours to ensure we don’t spread or increase any amounts of exposure to this virus. We are working closely with our vet and our State Health Inspector. We are taking all necessary health precautions, monitoring ALL puppies and cleaning diligently. As responsible breeders we are placing a mandatory 14 day hold on ALL puppies regardless of leaving day starting from 9/7/19 for Harmony, Adele, & Zada litters. Rysta and Suri litters started 9/3/19. After we confirm nothing else is spreading or affecting the other puppies after the 14 days is up we will update everyone and we will get whatever pick up timeline straightened up that is needed for those who have had delayed pickups. All puppies will be vet checked like normal and free to go once we see what the next 14 days entails. Please know we are doing all we can to keep you informed and to keep our babies safe.  Double R Doodles